Anger Management

Why Do I Need Anger Management?

As with any type of mental health check, you can focus on your emotions and find that one in particular may be overwhelming. Anger is a response that can be brought about by outside stimulus, past or ongoing trauma, triggers, new or repetitive situations and many more things that we interact with on a day to day basis. Slowing down and taking a moment to process your anger to assess if it is an unhealthy emotional response is the first step. If you are wondering if you need anger management you can start by asking yourself:

  • Is anger my first response?
  • Do I feel like anger overpowers all other emotions?
  • Does anger cloud my mind?
  • Is my anger difficult to diffuse?
  • Does my anger lead to inappropriate actions?
  • Can I control myself when I feel angry?
  • Do I feel like I need anger management help?

Anger Management is a way to help you work through your anger in a sustainable and healthy way. By finding out what your anger is telling you and being able to mindfully evaluate and understand it, you can take control of your emotions and the responses that follow. 

With the Thriving Center of Psychology we offer a Therapist Matchmaker Survey. It is an easy 5 minute guide to match you with a therapist that is best suited for you and your needs. It comes with a free 15 minute video conference with the therapist you are matched with to make sure that you are comfortable with the mental health expert that will be helping you work through your anger. Take the simple quiz and get started today.

What Happens During Anger Management?

If you’ve never experienced therapy before you may be wondering, what exactly happens during anger management? Every session is unique to you and the treatment that you need to overcome your difficulties with anger. Coping skills are taught throughout sessions to elicit appropriate emotional responses. You will be instructed in calming techniques and communication skills to help you relax and effectively convey what you need to say while commanding your emotions. With each session you and your therapist will work through what you need to propel your mental health forward and help you gain control of your anger.

How Long Do I Need Anger Management?

If you think of your mental health like you think of your physical health you come to realize that improvements come with time. If you were to get an injury that required physical therapy, you wouldn’t rush through it in a day or two and be able to move forward completely healed and back to one-hundred percent. You would need to be patient and consistent to get to your goal of returning to full health. Only through the process can you and your therapist know how long you will need to be in anger management until you feel ready to say you have completed it.