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Who we are

At Thriving Center of Psychology, we provide our clients with a platform to find a therapist that will best suit their needs and help them achieve their goals. Servicing Oregon, you can talk to our experienced and thoughtfully picked therapists online or in person at our Portland location. We understand that therapy works when the relationship between therapist and client promotes trust and growth. Using our Therapist Matchmaker Survey, you will be matched with a therapist in your area who will be best suited for helping you live your best life.

How To Make An Appointment

It should be straightforward to find a therapist in Portland OR. We understand that taking the step to speak to a therapist is a daunting one. Instead of searching for “clinic psychologist Portland OR near me,” Thriving Center of Psychology can help. The easiest way to speak with the top therapists in Portland OR is by filling out our Therapist Matchmaker Survey. From your results, we match you with the best-suited therapists to help at a time that’s convenient to you, either online or in-person near you. You can also call our Oregon office or request an appointment online.

Directions to Office

We are located in the heart of the city in Downtown nearby with easy access around downtown and overlooking the West Hills, Mt Hood, and the river. You can find our Portland office just 2 miles from the Portland Art Museum on the corner of 6th and Main. The nearest bus stop is SW Salmon & 5th, and the Portland International Airport is 6.5 miles away. We’re nearby The Hilton, The Benson, and The Heathman hotels. We are located in Downtown nearby to Goose Hollow, Old Town, and The Pearl District neighborhoods.

We serve patients that live in the surrounding zip codes from our Portland office, including 97201, 97202, 97203, 97204-97206, 97209, 97211-97218, 97227, 97229-97233, 97236, 97239, 97258, and 97266.


1050 SW 6th Ave,
Portland, OR 97204
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Contact Us

To start working with the best therapists in Portland OR at Thriving Center of Psychology, request an appointment online, use our Therapist Matchmaker Survey or call our Portland office today to get started.

How We Can Help

Our therapists offer services for a wide range of mental health challenges. Some of these services include:


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A cognitive behavioral therapist can help you to recognize your thinking and gain a better understanding of your behaviors and emotions. As a talking therapy, it can help you to manage problems more effectively by changing the way you behave and think.

Eating Disorder

Treatment for eating disorders includes a range of evidence-based techniques to give you the tools you need to move forward in life. The journey of overcoming eating disordered behaviors is unique to every individual. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, Thriving Center of Psychology can help.

Group Therapy

Mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem are common. Group therapy gives you a safe space to talk to others going through the same challenges. Talking to those in a similar position to you can create a supportive environment based on shared personal experiences.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder that can become so severe that it interferes with your ability to work, maintain relationships, or perform daily tasks. The majority of those with OCD can benefit from OCD treatment to help alleviate symptoms and enhance quality of life.


Anxiety is a normal emotion, but if anxiety takes over, it can manifest in various physical and mental symptoms. If you feel like worry and anxiety is stopping you from living your best life and interfering with your day, consider speaking to one of our caring therapists. We can help give you the tools to manage your anxiety when faced with challenging situations or triggers.


Depression can last for weeks, months, or sometimes over a year. If you’re experiencing chronic sadness or a lack of interest in activities you usually enjoy, you could be suffering from depression. Our skilled therapists utilize various techniques to support your treatment and give you the tools you need to cope and move forward in your recovery.
From mental health counseling in Portland OR to Anger Management, click here for our full list of services to see how we can help you navigate life’s challenges and better your mental health.