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How to Talk About Recommending Therapy in a Relationship

Relationships are not perfect. No matter how perfect they appear on social media, it’s normal to have […]

August 12, 2022
Money Conversations: How to Talk About Finances with Your Partner

Do you have any debt? Do you contribute to your 401(k)? These are not common first date […]

April 19, 2022
Exercise Effects on Mental Health

From a young age, you hear that exercise is good for you. It’s not a secret. But […]

What Is Stonewalling?

There is a common communication behavior among married couples that predicts divorce with at least 90% accuracy. This behavior […]

Why Is Dating So Hard? 5 Biggest Issues with Dating Today

Between the fear of fake dating profiles, commitment, and the sheer time and expense it takes to […]

When is it Time to Change Jobs? 8 Signs to Look for Something New

When Sunday evening hits, how do you feel? Do those Sunday blues get to you and the […]

Why People Procrastinate and How to Avoid It

Most of us procrastinate every once in a while, but it can become a nasty habit that […]

6 Ways to Build New Relationships in a City as an Adult

As a kid, all you had to do was sit next to someone in school, and you […]

Should I Look Through My Partner’s Phone?

Have you ever thought about looking through your partner’s phone? Just a little peek. The problem is […]

Why Do Humans Compare Themselves to Others (And How to Stop)?

Have you ever found yourself asking if you’re making as much money as someone else, or is […]