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Practicing Gratitude: How It Boosts Mental Well-Being

Being thankful and showing gratitude is more than just polite manners. Did you know that practicing gratitude could make you happier and support your well-being? In this article, we dive into the power of gratitude on mental health, what it is, and how you can incorporate gratitude into your routine. 

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Exploring the Benefits of Pet Therapy for Mental Wellness

From young to old, many can enjoy interactions with animals. But pet therapy can benefit people going through all types of challenges in life. In this article, we dive into the benefits of animal-assisted therapy and how animal interactions can promote mental wellness. 

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Understanding Impostor Syndrome: Breaking Free from Self-Doubt

Imposter syndrome can make you feel like a fraud with no confidence in your abilities. You’re not alone; so many people feel like this. The good news is that you can break free from imposter syndrome and overcome self-doubt; here’s how.

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Supporting a Loved One with Mental Illness: Practical Tips and Resources

There isn’t one perfect way to support a loved one with mental illness. How you care for someone will depend on you and the person you support. Mental illness can affect all aspects of a person, from mood to behavior. It can come as a shock when a loved one is diagnosed with a mental illness.

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Is My Relationship One-Sided?

Do you feel like you’re doing all the work in a relationship? When a relationship is one-sided, it can create stress and conflict. If one partner invests more energy and effort to make the relationship work, it creates an imbalanced dynamic that can be draining in the long haul.

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How To Recover From Burnout?

Manageable and short-term stress can increase alertness and give you the focus to hit a tight deadline. But left unchecked, chronic stress can result in burnout, leading to complete physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion.

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Healing through Creativity: Exploring the Transformative Benefits of Art Therapy for PTSD

Art therapy can be a powerful tool for people healing from PTSD. Creative expression and psychology combine to offer a different way to access, process, and explore complex and traumatic experiences and feelings. In this article, we talk about how art therapy affects mental health and the benefits of art therapy for PTSD in the trauma healing process.

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Depression vs. Sadness: Recognizing the Difference

Sadness is a normal emotion that’s part of the human experience. Losing a loved one, divorce, financial issues, and troubles at home can all make you sad. While feeling sad happens to us all at some point, depression is different.

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Coping With Anxiety During Pregnancy For A Healthy Mind And Baby

It’s completely normal to experience some anxiety during pregnancy. Your body is changing, and the thought of becoming a new parent can feel worrying. You’re not alone in how you think. But if you’re anxious a lot of the time and struggle to relax, it could be time to ask for help and find ways to cope with anxiety to support a healthy mind and baby.

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A Guide to Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health condition that causes extreme highs and lows of mood. Someone with bipolar can experience intense emotions that swing between depression and mania.

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Understanding The Role Of A Psychiatrist For ADHD

If you already have an ADHD diagnosis or think you may have ADHD, it could be a good idea to speak with a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD. In this article, we break down the role that a psychiatrist has in treating ADHD and how to find a psychiatrist for ADHD.

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Report: Top 6 Reasons Gen Z and Millennials Ghost 

Ghosting has become so common it’s not only impacting romantic relationships, but friendships and workplaces too. Our new report unveils who Millennials and Gen Z are ghosting and why they’re doing it. 

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Finding A Gay Therapist In NYC: Tips And Resources For The LGBTQ+ Community

Everyone can benefit from speaking with a therapist, no matter their background, gender, or sexual orientation. But when you have specific concerns around things like sexuality, culture, or identity, speaking to someone who can fully understand you and the world you live in can encourage openness in the therapeutic journey.

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How to Find a French Therapist in NYC

The U.S. is rich and diverse, with at least 350 languages spoken at home and over one million native French speakers. Being able to talk in your mother tongue to your therapist is an important part of therapy.

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How To Manage Intrusive Thoughts

ntrusive thoughts are sudden and come out of nowhere. They are unwanted thoughts that can be disturbing or strange that seemingly pop into your head. Intrusive thoughts can be upsetting and are commonly associated with mental health disorders like anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

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How To Find An LGBTQ+ Friendly Therapist In NYC

For many LGBTQ individuals, it can feel like there is a barrier to receiving mental health support as it can be hard to find a therapist who is immersed in the community and LGBTQ+-literate. If you’re looking for LGBTQ counseling in NYC, here’s how you can find an LGBTQ-friendly therapist who specializes in LGBTQ issues to support your mental health journey.