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Who we are

At Thriving Center of Psychology, we provide our clients with a platform to find a therapist that will best suit their needs and help them achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking for mental health counseling in St Paul, MN, or ADHD treatment in Minneapolis, you can talk to our experienced and thoughtfully picked therapists online or in person at our Downtown Minneapolis location. We understand that therapy works when the relationship between therapist and client promotes trust and growth. Using our Therapist Matchmaker Survey, you will be matched with a therapist in your area who will be best suited for helping you live your best life.

How to Make an Appointment

We want to make the process of booking an appointment at Thriving Center of Psychology as easy as possible. Whether it’s with a psychologist in St Paul, MN, or a therapist at our Minnesota office, you can make an appointment online or by phone. The best way to make an appointment is by filling out our Therapist Matchmaker Survey so we can match you with the right therapist for your goals and needs.

Directions to Office

We are located in Downtown West nearby to Downtown East, Lowry Hill, and North Loop neighborhoods. You can find our Minneapolis office in the Gateway District in Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, across from the Nicollet Mall. Our Minneapolis office is linked by skyway and well-connected to transport links with the Nicollet Mall Station and the Government Plaza Station, less than a mile away. We are a 22-minute drive from Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport and less than a 20-minute walk from Target Field Station Commuter Rail. We’re also just a 20-minute drive from St Paul, Minnesota.

We serve patients that live in the surrounding zip codes from our Minneapolis office, including 55401, 55402, 55403, 55404-55409, 55410-55419, 55421, 55423, 55430, 55450, 55454, and 55455.


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19th Floor,
Minneapolis, MN 55402
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Contact Us

To start working with Thriving Center of Psychology, request an appointment online, use our Therapist Matchmaker Survey or call our Minneapolis office today to get started. Our Therapist Matchmaker Survey lets us connect you with the best therapists in St Paul, MN, and the Minneapolis area.

How We Can Help

Our therapists offer services for a wide range of mental health challenges. Some of these services include:


Anger Management

When it feels like your anger response affects your relationships and interactions, it may be time to consider speaking with a therapist. Anger management can help you to work through your anger in a sustainable and healthy way so that you can understand it and take back control of your emotional responses.


Our expert team offers neurofeedback training, an alternative to medications for a range of mental health conditions, including stress and depression. The non-invasive procedure aims to understand how your brain processes thoughts, actions, and emotion, to retrain your brain and offer relief.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder involves intrusive thoughts that are commonly associated with compulsions. OCD can be distressing and impact your quality of life. If you have OCD or find OCD interferes with your work and relationships, OCD treatment can help to improve OCD symptoms.


Anxiety disorders are a common mental health concern for many. Taking note of your current mental health status and realizing you may be suffering from anxiety, is an important step. If you find you’re unable to cope properly with anxiety, one of our therapists can help guide you to understand and learn effective strategies for coping and managing anxiety.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

our CBT therapist will help you to identify and modify negative or unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. The aim of cognitive behavioral therapy is to change the way you think and develop coping strategies to help break negative patterns.


When ADHD symptoms negatively affect your day-to-day function, it can impact your quality of life. While the causes of ADHD can vary from one person to another, ADHD treatment can help you to understand and manage your symptoms so that you feel more in control. ADHD treatment can include cognitive behavioral therapy and neurofeedback training.

If you’re searching for “top therapists in St Paul MN” or “couples therapy near me,” we make it easy to find the perfect therapist for you.

Click here for our full list of services to see how we can help you navigate life’s challenges and better your mental health. We can help you find a therapist in St Paul, MN, online or at our Downtown Minneapolis office.