Psychiatric Consultation Specialist

Sometimes it’s important to get a full picture of your mental health, from a medical perspective. The dedicated team at Thriving Center of Psychology provides comprehensive psychiatry consultations for patients in New York and California (more locations coming soon!). Learn more by booking an appointment online today or calling to speak with a team member.
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Psychiatric Consultation Q & A

What is a Psychiatric Consultation?

During a psychiatric consultation, a psychiatrist evaluates biological, psychological, and environmental causes that may be causing a person emotional distress. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing mental health disorders and determining the correct route of treatment. Psychiatry consultations may be used to help a client determine if they are a good candidate for medication or to gain a medical opinion.

What is a common myth about psychiatry consultations?

A common misconception is that people who see a psychiatrist will automatically be prescribed medication. However, often the consultation is a discussion with a client educating them on their symptoms from a medical point of view.

What can I expect during a psychiatric consultation?

During a psychiatric consultation, client’s receive an individualized treatment plan that may include evidence-based psychotherapy or, if necessary, medications. Our goal is to help clients better understand and cope with their symptoms and set them up for the best path to living a fulfilled life.

Our team of board-certified psychiatrists and NPs specialize in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic mental health disorders. Thriving Center of Psychology offers telehealth appointments and same-day appointments.